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Administration Rights

Aid Evaluator works only for the few people who happen to find information that they are looking for here. In most other aspects it is nothing more than a vision. People should be able to add information automatically. NGOs should be able to update their information and fill out their own profile pages. Volunteers should be able to edit their topic or area pages themselves.


In addition, there is a need for a database to collect information from the forms that organizations fill out. That way people should be able to find and sort organizations according to their personal preferences.


Facebook Application

There is also a need to engage the public. Especially potential small scale donors who often fail to realize their responsibilities when they chose who to support. If people were able to choose the organizations that live up to requirements of accountability, results or whatever the priority of individual may be; the aid would improve significantly. To understand the many choses one must make, in order to pick an organization to support; it really would be nice if they could fill out a questioner and then the database could provide results. It would be even better if this could be done though Facebook and Twitter apps; so that people would have the option of showing publicly that they support organizations and have thought about their choices.


I have been told that Drupal would probably be the best system where I might find these features. I am currently trying to locate such modules here: Drupal Aid-e link I don't like using their system but I don't know how to make a database or give out administration rights to different users. If anyone can help me make it work in Drupal or whatever please contact me:








Aid Evaluator seeks volunteers to help find information about organisations.

To gather all of the information needed to help people, all over the world, volunteers play an essential role at Aid Evaluator. The hope is that ordinary, as well as extraordinary, people will become responsible for their local area. Being responsible means updating the site on the available offers of help and trying to keep this information updated.

If you're interested or just wish to know more, do write to:


Aid Evaluator

Help should be easy to find. Relevant information about those who offer help must be available to both donors and those in need of help.


Better information is the best way to facilitate a more efficient aid delivery system. It is too much work for any one organisation. It can only be done by ordinary and extraordinary volunteers like me and you.





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