First thing you do is; signing up to administer an topic you know, or have an interest in getting to know. As we are just starting up, you can both chose to administer a global topic, a country, a city or a village topic. The best topic for you depends on your level of interest and capacity.

Global Topics: If you chose a global topic, you may need to specify: For instance Health -> Disease -> Cancer -> Breastcancer. You may also chose just health but the task for this is not as related to the topic as it is an administrative task of finding the right people to administer this topic in different countries and trying to ensure that global research and best practice is shown in a practical and impartial manner. 

Local Topics: If you chose a local topic you will need to focus more on the following tasks:

Make sure it is not too big and area, although you can be more than one person to administer an area. You should consider finding someone to help you maintain the page and help divide the area administrator tasks. 

1. Locate and register the local offers of assistance. Use phonebooks, internet and ask around. There is some required information you must find out to register the organizations but it is not a lot. There is a guideline manual to help with this. 

2. Delegate Aid Offers: Help the clubs, associations, organizations or government programmes, to add information and maintain and update their own page. You will both need to explain to them, why this is a good idea and need the patience to show them how they register. Ultimately, you should rate them on issues like if they have added recent news, a video etc. 

4. Maintaining the page: It is up to you how active you are. If you like you can add a calendar with news about relevant aid events, you can aso add news and relevant links. The most important part is that you try to stay on top and register it if an organization closes down, longer provide the services it did or if a new one comes along. It would also be nice if you could answer any potential questions or coments to the page.


What will you get in return? Well, if you want your name will be on the page, as the page admin who people can ask questions to or notify if they notice an new organization or a false claim. Otherwise, I'm afraid it will just be the glory of helping out ones local community, making it easier to see who helps where, how, what they require for people to get help etc. Helping to build an environment, where people are better at helping each other is not so shabby!