We need recruiters who will help us find great administrators. The list above should serve as a guideline. The easiest thing to start with is to find someone who has a real interest in helping people in a specific area or within a specific topic. Next, you must be able to convince them, that it will help everyone to have better access to information about what is being done, where and how. Then you must follow your own intuition and only add people you think are trustworthy and reliable. Lastly, you may need to help them figure out how to add organizations etc. but we hope to get a Help Team up for that.

First and foremost we need country admins, for each country in the world. A country admin, should have some IT skills or be willing to learn the rather basic proceedure of adding an area to a new volunteer. Next you can chose to help the country admin or go on to a different country. It will be the task of the country admin to divide into ares. Similarly it will be the task of the area admins to find local admins for smaller areas and topics. It will fall on all, who adds an admin to check their work and ensure no one is corrupt, or otherwise fail to comply with our criteria.

Aid Evaluator wish to be transparent, accurate and truthful.Yet, it will all depend on the work ethics of our volunteers. A great Administrator will:

  • be impartial and capable of making ratings based on facts
  • have great Ethics and moral to not favor anyone based on personal relations or beliefs
  • be interested in the topic or area
  • be patient and understanding with organizations
  • understand the need for accurate data to make a better world
  • be reliable and persistent.
  • have access to computers be willing to learn how to enter data, if they don't know already

If you are interested sign-up here or write us here if you are not sure: