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We all have problems. If we are brave we try to solve them and seek assistance. Search for your town and see who helps.
Maybe you want to help somehow? Maybe you just wish to be better informed about who helps, how and where?


There is no big brother to organize development and make sure, that aid is aimed at those who need the most. If we want to save the last bits of our environment and try to develop, in a more sustainable manner, it is up to us individuals to gather our shared knowledge and support the organizations, who are best at their work. Who is best is up to each individual to determine, as this based on personal preferences. Aid-e just want to give more easily accessible tools, which can be used to find organizations living up to your presonal requirements.


Launch of New Website in April 2016: There are still many more functions to come!

You can now be the Admin of your own town!

Jim has added maps to the area and topic pages, so you can see who helps where

We are looking for someone to help us make a Facebook questioneer app. where you can show the organizations you like


  • One global site to find the locally available help
  • You evaluate based on Your personal priorities
  • No money involved
  • Help each other see where aid is needed locally
  • Make aid patterns visible
  • Increased transparency about aid
  • Prevent people from loosing faith in the aid
  • Small organizations are equal with big ones
  • Local volunteers maintain local pages