Aid Organization

Asylforum Aalborg

We are temporaily closed looking for new location to meet.

We try to create a fun and informative network between asylumseekers, former refugees, Danes, International people etc. We also like to help newcommers and practice danish. It is not a them and us organization but something that is done together, to place focus on the fact that refugees are a resource, and not a burden, to Danish society and to se what we might accomplish together.


Direct Aid: We provide direct assistance to new individuals (criteria for recipients may apply).

Location: Aalborg

Area Aided: Aalborg

Year the Charity Started: 2012

Organization Extent: Local - Small (operates in just one country but in 1-3 places)

Religious Affiliation: No Religious Affiliation

Number of Employees: 0

Development Partners: Partner with other organizations or agencies

Other Close Partners:
Kofoedsskole, Nordjysk Fødevareoverskud, Aalborg Røde Kors, Red Barnet Ungdom, DFUNK,

Sponsorships: We did help "Syria Touch Aalborg" with some fabrics from our sewing workshop to decorate the old mill in Karolinelund in 2015

Major Donors or Sponsors: Aalborg Kommune and members


In Kind: Accept in kind donations

Aid Focus: Refugees & Integration, Exposed People, Minority Groups

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