Aid Organization

Asylforum Aalborg

We try to create a fun and informative network between asylumseekers, former refugees, Danes, International people etc. We also like to help newcommers and practice danish. We meet informally, chat and help each other.


Direct Aid: We provide direct assistance to new individuals (criteria for recipients may apply).

Location: Aalborg

Area Aided: Aalborg

Year the Charity Started: 2012

Organization Extent: Local - Small (operates in just one country but in 1-3 places)

Religious Affiliation: No Religious Affiliation

Number of Employees: 0

Development Partners: Partner with other organizations or agencies

Other Close Partners:
Kofoedsskole, Nordjysk Fødevareoverskud, Aalborg Røde Kors, Red Barnet Ungdom, DFUNK,

Sponsorships: We did help "Syria Touch Aalborg" with some fabrics from our sewing workshop to decorate the old mill in Karolinelund in 2015

Major Donors or Sponsors: Aalborg Kommune and members


In Kind: Accept in kind donations

Aid Focus: Refugees & Integration, Exposed People, Minority Groups

Financial Charts

Accounting year: not entered